Windows 10 is a more advanced version that has been installed in over 400 million gadgets. What most people do not know is that there are great tricks that can make the use of Windows 10 better and efficient. Here are the top 10 tips that you can apply:

  1. Controlling the start menu: it is possible to customize your start menu such that you will remove the programs that you do not need to appear there. You will also be able to uninstall a program you do not need on the start menu.
  2. Making Windows 10 private: Windows 10 has the ability to store a lot of sensitive information that you do not want everyone to access. It is possible to control the privacy of Window 10 and move private information to a single spot.
  3. Reduce notifications: to control the number of notifications that will pop up on Windows 10, you will go to the start menu, settings, systems and then move to notifications and actions section. You will be able to select the notifications you want to receive and the ones that you need to disable.
  4. Change the appearance: you will go to the start menu, settings, and then select personalization. You will choose the option of changing the background and then choose the one you want from the available pictures, colors or even slideshows.
  5. Use a virtual desktop: On the right side of Cortana bar, you will click on Task View, add new desktop, and if you need to add more than one desktop, repeat the process.
  6. Talking to Cortana: It is possible to talk to Cortana, who is the voice assistant and make all the enquiries that you want. She will provide the needed answers regardless of the language that you will use.
  7. Minimize Windows 10 using a shake: by holding the window’s title bar and then shaking your mouse, it will automatically minimize all other windows.
  8. Malware removal: by typing Window Defender on the taskbar, move to Windows Defender app and click on it, you will have activated your protection against malware.
  9. Open the taskbar fast: If you need to open any of the folder icons at the bottom task bar, you will simply click on the Windows icon, the position on which the icon is located, for instance, number 3 on the bar and the window will automatically open.
  10. Disk cleanup: if your browser has run short of storage, you will click on the Disk Cleanup, and then select the folders that you need deleted and it will be done.