Chrome is one of the browsers that are used by most people on a daily basis due to its reliability and the fact that it is has a lot of great features that makes browsing easier. Here are some tips and tricks about chrome that you did not know existed:

  1. Pin tab

If there are tabs that you are likely to leave open for a while, you can right-click them and move to Pin Tab. The tabs will shrink immediately and slide to the left.

  1. Save battery

If you are not in a place where you can charge your laptop, you can extend the battery life by disabling the background apps once you close Google Chrome. This should not be done all the time but only when there is no place you can recharge the laptop.

  1. Browse faster

If you notice that you are using too much data, you can use Google Data Saver through which your pages will be compressed so that you can use less data and allow your pages to load faster.

  1. Task manager

To know the pages that are taking up most of the memory or are making your browser slow down, you will move to the burger option, More Tools, and then to Chrome Task Manager.

  1. Calculator

If you need to do some calculations while still online, simply write the word calculator on your Chrome omnibar and then press enter.

  1. Startup

If there are pages that you open every time you open your computer, you can set Chrome in a way that it will open the pages as soon as you launch it. You will simply move to setting, Set Pages, and then choose the pages that you want.

  1. If you mistakenly close a tab, you will click Ctrl, shift and T and the tabs that you recently closed will be opened. If you closed more than one tab, you will repeat the same process until they have all been reopened.
  2. If you need to save a link, you will simply drag it using your mouse and move it to the bookmarks’ bar. Any time you need to access the link, you will move to bookmarks and click on it.
  3. If Chrome misbehaves, type in chrome://restart on the address bar and it will restart itself and all your tabs will be restored.
  4. To scroll up the full page on your current page, you will press the Shift button and the space bar at the same time and it will be done.